1. And the fossil record clearly shows all those mass die offs every time the globe warmed far hotter than it is now, which it has done many times … oops, what do you mean it doesn’t? Hmm. So, then what’s the point of the article?
  2. “seems to have forgotten” moment that will likely never again be forgotten by at least one individual.
  3. Disagreeing with Aristotle (and I think the founders who I suspect agreed with Aristotle).
  4. Although I think the above post author would agree with this.
  5. So, do you agree? Was it illegal or  just unprincipled?
  6. Related to the above.
  7. Cool. (HT)
  8. And he’d be right.
  9. A certain running back, back in the news.
  10. Another person who envies the VA system.
  11. The press and a prophet.
  12. Stupid if true.
  13. Ditto.
  14. Obamacare and it’s implementation. Hypocrisy?

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