And so it goes …

  1. So, why might one suggest that the US put troops alongside the Poles in Poland, so “can” becomes part of the equation.
  2. Why I prefer rural roads.
  3. One of the more imaginative posts for the first.
  4. I enjoyed this one too.
  5. Another April first suggestion, with a tweak at Neville Obamerlin.
  6. One more.
  7. Death and Mr Obama’s healthcare, if true, just the first of many.
  8. Why global warming will take a long time to die.
  9. A stitch in time may save a brain or three, given time.
  10. Now there’s a election campaign strategy we will not see again for sometime …. hopefully.
  11. Yer feel good story of the day.
  12. Of political demographics and the evil rich. Woops.

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