Well, I’m exercising again (too much work for quite a bit there). It would feel better if I wasn’t so horribly out of shape.  … Links?

  1. Tools for staying in power, kind of like suborning the IRS to harass opposition groups. Makes you feel good doesn’t it.
  2. More not-feel-so-good news about our government “for and by the people”.
  3. Obamacare, bending that cost curve … since 2003, err, wait!?
  4. Fertilizer pollutants and a possible solution.
  5. This is making the rounds. I don’t understand very well his objection. Legal != moral. Do what is right and let the cards fall. What else can/should a man do but that?
  6. This too is making the rounds. Looks like lying and playing the victim card scored the liar thousands of dollars and some fame and notoriety. Yet another strikeout for the (liberal) press.
  7. Way way better than pigs in space.
  8. non-mistake by the Administration. Heck, even a stopped watch is right twice (or once depending) a day.
  9. Synchronization.
  10. Mona Lisa re-imagined.
  11. Mr Matthews backhand criticism of the President.
  12. debated noted.
  13. For those who think there are no non-religious arguments against SSM. Think again.
  14. Mr Thomas in a heartbeat.

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