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  1. Bzaaaap!
  2. Hmmm, two ways to go on that … yes censuring both is in order, but only one was a family hour/children’s TV hostess/actress.
  3. Here, however, is a third way you probably haven’t considered.
  4. “I have not yet made a decision” and the subtext is that we all remember “I’m the guy who spent knew for 9 months where Bin Laden and it took all that time for me to make up my mind to go after him.” Somebody should remind him, not to draw a do not cross line if it is just a bluff. Like the bin Laden attack, we’ll have to wait for a wag-the-dog domestic prompt to get us to move.
  5. Related to the above. So, prior to being elected President, Mr Obama was firmly against Presidential unilateral military action, now he’s for it (indeed done it). Stupid or evil (that is, was he so dumb he didn’t anticipate reasons for doing so, or was he lying when he said he was against it?) Liberals keep telling how smart they are, which alas, leaves the “evil” alternative.
  6. I think this belief noted (that racism is the motive) is common on the left. It remains interesting (ironic?) that that assumption is itself  the essence of bigotry.
  7. Guns and legal control. Back when I was in school, a very good cartoon was on a door in our dorm … “People don’t kill people, Toasters kill people.” with the image of a guy falling down dead with toast impaling his back and another holding a toaster like a mortar.
  8. Noble cause corruption” isn’t noble but it is indeed corruption.
  9. Chemicals to leave for the professionals.
  10. Academic potential.
  11. Who done it?
  12. A short way from surrealism is hyper-realism, both I will admit to liking.
  13. A mistake I’ve made.

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