So. I’m East of Atlanta … alas I think I won’t have time for anything but work.

  1. So, I’m thinking that the missing prelude to Brave New World is how did they get to a seemingly benign completely autocratic regime … seems our rulers figure if you toss a frog in boiling water it will object (jump out) but if you slowly heat the same water …. (case in point) (and yet one more)
  2. Yikes.
  3. A truly weird portrait .. oh, and they ride bikes.
  4. Da science is settled, just hold that thought, even if causes dissonance. Oh, and one more on climate.
  5. Embarrassing for the science educator establishment. Akin to a Natural History museum putting cavemen and T-Rex in the same diorama.
  6. From the loony left.
  7. Calling them!? Call a spade a spade doesn’t make it a spade. It was a spade before it was called out.
  8. Speech police continue. Don’t worry about actions. Just the speech.
  9. This is not unrelated.
  10. Corrosion resistance put to the test.
  11. Leadership and culture (compare to our President and his failed ‘teaching’ moments)
  12. question asked.
  13. And some of us voted for him. Who is he? Well, he (and she) is in the beltway and there are hundreds of them.
  14. My #1 daughter would strenuously disagree with the message on this sign. Her sister might concur however.
  15. Added to my reading inbox.
  16. The end of (your) days and … a homily for those around those at the end of their life.

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