Holy week moving right along.

  1. In my reading inbox.
  2. Call a spade a spade. It’s racism and from the left.
  3. This behavior is not unrelated.
  4. Heh.
  5. We’ve all experienced this.
  6. So which is the extremist. Seriously I think the word “extremist” is ill defined. It might mean those in a particular group that hold strong opinions furthest from the center of that group. It also might mean those who hold opinions farthest from the center of groups to which I belong. For example, terrorism seems to be a mainstream middle of the road standard operating procedure for Palestinians in/near Israel. Yet terrorist from there are called “extremists”. Seems to me if your actions and opinions are median in the group to which you belong you aren’t an extremist.
  7. Carbon based not-quite life-yet forms.
  8. Yap, you know … you can figure out what drugs they took in at those all night binges, and so on … or maybe not quite.
  9. And you started out so well, and then had to go … there. Look I realize a lot of Protestants think there is a big horrible heresy by the Roman Catholics regarding works and faith. In reality it’s not an issue. Protestants say you need to have faith in order to be saved. Catholics too say you need to have faith to be saved and that the Bible says if your faith lacks works it isn’t real. Logically then you need works to demonstrate that you actually have the faith which will save. What I don’t understand is why they don’t understand that.
  10. On the other hand, this is the sort of things you say when your notions of salvation aren’t from any Christian tradition at all.
  11. Our government executive branch proves that stupid isn’t getting scarce anywhere in their midst. Or putting it less mildly.
  12. A reminder for those in foreign policy.

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