Well the Midwest has been having a spate of T-storms. Last night’s flight suffered a few delays, but eventually I got home.

  1. Entropy is the clue, I’d think.
  2. Heroism.
  3. Echoes of that seminal Ratzinger/Habermas debate (the debate text can be purchased as a book, btw).
  4. Professional students, literally.
  5. If you intentionally misunderstand and then pretend insult … that’s a form of lying.
  6. Liberal academics on employment push the “do what I say, not what I do” tactic it seems.
  7. Much of this post might be right, but it ends with an absolute falsehood, “The widespread availability of high-powered military-grade weaponry does not keep us secure from tyranny ” … uhm. Hello? high powered military grade weaponry is illegal, scarce, and anything but widespread and available. Sorry. Fantasy doesn’t help you make your point.
  8. The actual trademarks you can freely use now.
  9. Cyber-warfare, electoral variety.
  10. against 55.
  11. He probably regretted both.


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