A Vote for Huckabee is . . .

I know all about spin.  I’ve been in public relations work for some 30 years, and I know spin when I hear or see it.  But in the last few weeks, the conservative talkers and others have projected Huck first as the liberal threat—with McCain—to the future of conservatives, the Republican Party, and the republic itself; and then as the strong conservative threat to the candidacy of Mitt Romney—siphoning conservative, mostly southern votes, from Mitt.  Spin can work, but it’s risky to spin the same guy two different directions in the same election cycle.  Huckabee is his own unique blend of faith-driven conservative populism.  He had a good night, probably his last, and he represented evangelicals well.  Today, I hope McCain selects him to be his vice president—but there is a lot of time to ponder that.     

The Conscience of James Dobson

I continue to be disappointed in the political pouting of James Dobson, who issued a statement yesterday saying he will never vote for John McCain “as a matter of conscience.”  Dobson is free to have his political opinions, of course, and McCain may not be his favorite, but to provide a spiritual flavor to his dis-endorsement by citing conscience is a misuse of his position as a Christian leader.  It is an embarrassment to evangelical Christians involved in the political process. 

Obama for Orator-in-Chief

Obama has been rated as the most liberal Senator in Washington, D.C., and he is the strongest peacenik to have a fair shot at the presidency since George McGovern, so I would never be able to support him—because of his political philosophy.  But I love to hear him speak; there is nothing like great political oratory, and Obama is the best of our time.  His speech last night was masterful. 

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