1. Memories of Lent past.
  2. As Sacramental memory.
  3. Cinema.
  4. Some suggestions.
  5. Verse.

And elsewhere.

  1. Fuel cells and the cell phone.
  2. An empty room.
  3. 10 statements on evolution by Kim Fabricus.
  4. Paintball arms race … top of the food chain.
  5. Some history of science, gauge theory.
  6. Afghan and supply chains.
  7. What does he mean when he said, “I don’t believe in big government?”
  8. That recent speech, between the lines.
  9. Incomprehension mapped.
  10. UFO.
  11. A libertarian looks at Jindal.
  12. Science and politics … last century.
  13. Evil and self.
  14. Carnival.
  15. Japan and anthropomorphic origin of climate change. I also saw, I didn’t keep the link (sorry), that another group was trumpeting polar ice retreat. Why, I wonder, is that significant when (record?) polar ice advance is not? If weather is not climate … sorry but that’s not significant.
  16. A speechwriter defends Jindal’s response.
  17. Swim.
  18. Ducking debate.

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