1. Of fools and money.
  2. Lent and Job.
  3. Whence the inflation?
  4. Niceness.
  5. Beatitude and blessing.
  6. When rational … isn’t.
  7. In which I get mentioned … in a somewhat confusing manner, as Mr Kuznicki is labeling “not libertarian” a place and time (the 18th century Western backwoods “folkway”) which he has in the past admitted as libertarian. I’ll work on a more substantive reply to this tonight. I wonder if Mr Kuznicki read my original essay at all and not just Mr Anderson’s summation.
  8. Tabular awesome inspired by elemental patterns.
  9. Bond. Inspired by “M?”
  10. That pene-enclave thing.
  11. Gay rights or something else?
  12. Mr Obama and company channeling Nero?
  13. “Obama thinks it’s time to get back in the market” … from a man (Obama) who never bought stocks even with a 6 figure salary and 7 figure book sales.
  14. And they want free money and a pony in their backyard too.
  15. Anti-semitism and anti-immigration bias on the rise in Europe?
  16. Unhappy moderates.
  17. Ms Sebellus … catholic?
  18. A trend to give atheist libertarians and believing big-government people pause.
  19. Looking at “stimulus”.
  20. Well, one reason is that is ignored, is that informing people that Joe Biden is not the sharpest tool in the shed isn’t news.

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