1. Yeee-haaa.
  2. Two for St. Patrick’s feast day, here and here.
  3. Meanwhile the fast continues.
  4. A defense of Mr Madison, for my part I don’t think he anticipated Mr Arnold and what later became the get-out-the-vote machines.
  5. No. No No No No. Newspapers do not need federal protection.
  6. Speaking of media, some thoughts on Mr Stewart.
  7. Hmmm, no communal societies? But, I really liked The Gods Must Be Crazy.
  8. A publisher speaks. Oh, I received the book (being a blog neighbor and a conservative … thanks Henry!) and a review will be forthcoming before week’s end.
  9. Contra optimism.
  10. Love of other and memory eternal.
  11. Old and New (Testament).
  12. Thoughts on Mr Obama and religion.
  13. A film, Ratzinger’s Faith recommended.
  14. Capitalism … and a criticism of Ms Rand.
  15. Patristics.
  16. Loss of faith, oddly enough “faith in polls” was not an item polled.
  17. Exactly right.
  18. This might make a lot of sense, when dealing with a foreign party, listening to the thoughts of those who have the most to lose and are very close to the situation might be wise.
  19. Well, when trying to hold on to delusions about the other, it helps if you over-generalize … and are innumerate to boot. Uhm, “astoundingly large margins” and “sweeping victory?” Uhm, it seems that 2-3% margin of victory looms ever larger.
  20. PC stifling conversations and consequence.
  21. A rephrasing.
  22. And … last but not least … zooooom, in a creepy way.

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