1. Quoting Williams on Dostoevsky. I found Williams book difficult, requiring of the reader a familiarity with the Dostoevskan canon that I didn’t have. When I do, perhaps I’ll return to it.
  2. A quote. This is not unrelated.
  3. Heh.
  4. Self and Salvation … missing communion.
  5. A big wind shadow.
  6. Of time and measure. It is, I think, important to remember that employment is not a zero sum game.
  7. Kosovo.
  8. Lexicon and love.
  9. Seeking global currency, now that the US is showing it is to provincially minded for the dollar to be used as such.
  10. Starting young.
  11. Hmm, a concise wrap-up of the latest plan, “Even if it were brilliant of itself, it doesn’t really address the issues including in the administration’s fiscal spending package, which includes tons of pork and politically motivated programs; it has nothing to do with the debate over carbon trading, health care, or education. In other words it might be a cherry, but still a cherry atop a mud sundae.”
  12. Of God and the Dr Pepper matter.
  13. Energy policy.
  14. Zap.
  15. Bang bang … and why.
  16. Home away from home.
  17. Speaking out.
  18. Of stink and men (and truck).
  19. Sign of the times.

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