1. Mr Tiller, a Lutheran, had been excommunicated by the LCMS and was attending an ELCA church. So … how may articles about him attempted to explain the different Lutheran denominations? Is that relevant as a background to the story?
  2. More on Mr Tiller’s killing here.
  3. Outing as a conservative/liberal issue, in which a particular liberal forgets “outing” is a standard tactic against gay GOP members, which brings one to the logical conclusion that painting this as a left/right matter is a partisan fiction.
  4. Some philosophers consider the matter.
  5. And the point is made that pseudonymity requires increased not decreased politeness.
  6. An inconsistency on the left, noted.
  7. A educators prayer.
  8. Or … there might be other reasons.
  9. On the health care debate, a discussion here and here.
  10. We are all democrats now.
  11. Not to die in vain.
  12. A comparison Mr Alito and Ms Sotomayor.
  13. Grist for the legalize prostitution libertarian mill.
  14. A Baptist preacher goes to an Orthodox service and finds much to like.

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