Well, in Le Tour it looks like third place on the podium is the only thing not wrapped up … Bradley Wiggins, Lance Armstrong, Andreas Kloden and Frank Schleck all have a shot. Two Alpine stages left. If I had to guess … I’d say Frank will take that spot.

On to the links.

  1. Your group and my group.
  2. On false false analogies.
  3. With my blog’s name, I had to link this.
  4. Libertarian legal bloggers on ACORN.
  5. Advice on learning a language.
  6. On Russia from Russia.
  7. Why is the crises (rush) being invented?
  8. This reminded me of that unfortunate incident in Once Upon A Time in America.
  9. A prediction.
  10. Settled
  11. Of Government and competing models.
  12. The secret to 50 year old marriage … it seems “traditional gender models” are statistically quite significant.
  13. The changing demographics of Christianity.

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