1. What passes for civilized in the wild (very liberal) corners of Western Europe.
  2. The democrats, making excuses already. It’s odd that the regulatory burdens, largely pushed by the Democrats, are likely far more the blame than and limited GOP stonewalling … but that wouldn’t work to shift blame, now would it?
  3. A collection of the best tour photos, although it seemed to me too many of them were taken “in doping control” and not on the bike.
  4. Dr Who and some real history.
  5. Simplification for pedagogic purposes is not lying. Duh. And btw, for me the problem is topic not headlines.
  6. Misty memories of my first real job (documenting software for an industrial controls group) while in High School and the whole group taking the afternoon off to watch Tron.
  7. $1.4k per person. So … what regulations and new legally binding proscriptions will come about if the public healthcare affects the national budget? (If you say … none you are a bald-faced liar or a fool)
  8. I didn’t know that … or even imagine it.
  9. While many think that the human influences on climate change are settled, science moves on.
  10. Mr Obama’s contribution is noted for its absence in the collection of “useful” dialogue on the Gates kerfuffle. I thought James Taranto of WSJ had some trenchant remarks as well on his column.
  11. Speaking of “that man”, consider Israel.
  12. Some words concerning a former Democratic President.
  13. A post on marriage noted.

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