Good morning. Moving towards Spring, eh?

  1. International disaster relief and two Presidencies.
  2. As the West struggled with the Reformation, the East received the theology of Palamas.
  3. A mostly (likely) dismal list of films.
  4. Stupid liberal rhetorical responses, use literalism to avoid confronting the real point, oh and don’t forget the most common (seen from my perch) liberal conversational tactic … the personal insult. The substantial point for the discussion in any rational environment would be the over-arching growth and intrusive reach of government regulation. Alas, it goes unnoticed.
  5. In which the unfortunate Mr Carville is noted. Mr Carville, from my point of view, suffers from my minds insistence on every appearance of his to recall a remark during the Lewisnsky kerfuffle he made on a news program in which he noted something to the effect of, “Well, you see what you by trawling through a trailer park with $20 bills.” My immediate thought was to wonder why a Democratic supporter would be defending Mr Clinton trawling through trailer parks for sexual favors using cash as a lure … but apparently he intended it as a slur against the character (and discovery) of Ms Jones. It didn’t (for me) come off that way at all alas. 
  6. For the “Stop Eating Cake” crowd.
  7. Someone is forgetting that the size, prominence and military standing of the actor trumps this discussion. Russia, China, (and yes) the US, and other big powers can do whatever they damn well please and no intervention will occur.
  8. Heh.
  9. Political contributions and Libya.
  10. Privatizing garbage collection.

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