1. Crossing the state/entertainment wall of separation.
  2. The last remaining pro-life democrat passes and is mourned.
  3. Production numbers.
  4. The corner notes someone reading the bill.
  5. Whole foods and healthcare.
  6. The bear moves in the woods.
  7. Explaining why/how liberals find everyone else racist.
  8. And the public healthcare will give everyone a nice pony too, it’s all just moving deck chairs on the Titanic.
  9. A market for education.
  10. Logic or lack thereof and patching the economy.
  11. A Georgian narrative.
  12. A tea party noted.
  13. California water and policy.
  14. A better fridge.
  15. Knowing the enemy … or at least the left.
  16. Why small government is important.
  17. Mr Obama, getting the details wrong (and in a manner that matters).

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