Good morning.

  1. On evening prayers.
  2. Orthodox ecumenism.
  3. Southeast asia considers the Kerry/Luger bill (even as Americans for the most part ignore it).
  4. Human rights and US/Russian relations.
  5. For myself, I’m a sucker for little gadgets.
  6. Liftoff.
  7. Asking history to just stop for a bit.
  8. Mr Niven suggests some reading why national exceptionalism is, uhm, crap. In turn, here’s some suggested reading as to why it is not, Defending Identity: Its Indispensable Role in Protecting Democracy.
  9. Some lighter verse … and its application to modern situations.
  10. Robo … robo … (wait for it) … Pumpkin!
  11. An item list for good discussions.

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