1. I realize I’m not engaging the main thrust of Mr Niven’s post by this remark … but it seems to me that the statement “but what she can’t say is that utilitarianism itself has problematic theoretical consequences” is not correct. For certainly one can in fact make that claim. Perhaps what he meant is that the person he is criticising didn’t establish that point and should have made such an argument (first).
  2. Devilish details.
  3. Palestine and right of return (HT: Mr Loziwick)
  4. Confession … not done right.
  5. New decade or not. One way to think about it is, that those claiming to that this is the new decade count “like programmers”, who dance the waltz (queue some Strauss) counting 0-1-2 … 0-1-2. Do you start counting at 0 or 1. If you start counting things at one then this is not the turn of the decade. If you’re a programmer and normally do start your counting at 0, just look at the for loop idiom in C, Java, or C++ … then go for it … celebrate the change of decade. Oh, that post mostly looks not at the decade/not-decade discussion but the important maths advances of the last 10 years.
  6. Evil.
  7. What adjective would you use for these guys?
  8. Considering humor.
  9. Death and taxes … and the consequences of tax law and death (and end-of-life care).
  10. I am noticed in a salutary list. Thanks.
  11. Terrorism and myth … well, at least, “and a fisking.”
  12. A bigot speaks.
  13. Terrorism and intelligence considered.
  14. Questioning response times and what that might suggest about priorities.

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