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  1. I think you might need to be a subscriber to read this … but it is quite good.
  2. Following my predilection for sidestepping the main point of a piece … the phrase “deeply patronizing” jumped out at me. I think the adjective “deeply” here is meaningless and inaccurate. Besides that, the attitude is more than likely “shallowly” patronizing at best, i.e., just based on surface assumptions and casual expectations.
  3. Huh? So … who is the guy on the left? Lenin? Freud?
  4. Inflation and a debate, a missing piece possibly in this list.
  5. This is not unrelated to the above.
  6. Remarks on the CBO estimates of the healthcare bill
  7. Economics and legislation.
  8. New? A “New” nuclear option? Huh!? This is what nuclear proponents (mostly oddly enough on the right) have been advocating for two decades.
  9. Speaking of healthcare.
  10. From pro-choice to pro-life in a pro-choice community.
  11. Bill of attainder?
  12. Obama keeping his word … not.
  13. It will be interesting to see if those who support the stimulus object to this … which is due to the stimulus bill.
  14. A motor.

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