Good morning.

  1. Deadbeat dads, a screwed up law, how about some suggestions of how to fix it?
  2. Heh.
  3. So, what part is adiaphora what part is dogma/doctrine?
  4. So, if the EU would not survive the breaking of the Euro … a question begs, would the US survive the breaking of the dollar?
  5. Strunk and White … a birthday not celebrated (HT: Dr Platypus).
  6. Art.
  7. On Mr Obama’s recent memo.
  8. Noting the left’s penchant for literalism.
  9. A cricket race and confusion.
  10. Five myths regarding the abuse scandal and the Roman church.
  11. Making Maxwell symmetric.
  12. The Democrats, just pretend this doesn’t happen.
  13. My guess it that the left’s response to this is, “so what?” Although I think it also misses the big tax hikes in the middle.
  14. Mr Clinton characterizes the current Administration.

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