Good morning.

  1. Hopefully he did more than “confront” his daughter.
  2. Willing ignorance by the left. One might wonder in the wake of CMU and the hocky stick lies how the notion that the willingness to sell off fact for partisan causes is not strictly on one side of the aisle. Perhaps agnotology is the word for that?
  3. Having blamed Bush and global warming on any number of natural occurrences which were clearly not at fault, some on the left are curious why the right is not as dumb. 
  4. I guess redefining the problem away hasn’t fixed things.
  5. I for one, wish the “under the bus” phrase would just go away and die quietly.
  6. Couture
  7. Our small President.
  8. Mr Gore’s example setting.
  9. A gentleman’s questions on Arizona.
  10. Another book reading/blogging project.
  11. Physics links.
  12. That shouldn’t have had to be stated.
  13. Open immigration at odds with the welfare state.
  14. For the Ms Palin fans.

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