Good morning.

  1. Girls and fins.
  2. A missing point … that it is dangerous to be an illegal resident anywhere. This is not an argument for legalising aliens it is an argument not to be an illegal.
  3. Why ideological blinders matter. Everyone abuses history.
  4. North Korea and China.
  5. One report on the handling of the Gulf cleanup/reponse.
  6. The administration pulls a queue from two-bit dictatorships.
  7. Will the AZ outrage over immigration now move to MA? Or not so much cause it’s a Democratic stronghold?
  8. Heh heh.
  9. On anger.
  10. Obama’s version of “Its my responsibilty” … fire and forget. Just like his pleas of bipartisanship in the wake and during his own particular partisan attacks the buck stops here comes in in the wake of and during his own assignment of blame. His supporters somehow remain blind to this.
  11. A musical tribute to the Doctor.

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