Well, mid-to-late morning (I’m running a bit late) … but have a good day nevertheless.

  1. What those living in freedom don’t remember.
  2. School days.
  3. Taxi licenses and no good deed goes unpunished.
  4. Forest fires and politics.
  5. Our Administration, pushing lower efficiencies to save jobs? Let’s go back to all living on one horse farms.
  6. A blogging meme and the institutional Church.
  7. Two useful sites noted for the Orthodox in our midst.
  8. On the modern marriage culture.
  9. Liberal vs Conservative and its (non) relevance for the church.
  10. A photo essay from the Ukraine.
  11. Mr Krugman and an argument applied now that was conveniently not present during the healthcare debate.
  12. One of the leading evangelical atheist bloggers neatly skewered, although that seems to be a bit like shooting ducks in a barrel.
  13. Of computer games and protein science.

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