Good morning. Bleah. Wake up 10 minutes late. Leave 15 minutes late. Get to work and dressed 10 minutes late. Get call, youngest missed bus and mom’s car didn’t start. Finally … back to work. Whaz next?

  1. Batteries, the sun, and the expeditionary Marine.
  2. Slavery, or is it a straw argument. If you’re free to leave, you’re not a slave, Jason.
  3. Wealth, education, and denomination.
  4. A pointed question for the practices of teacher wage/pension construction.
  5. Safety nets and India.
  6. Of personhood.
  7. The billion/day discrepency.
  8. A little levity.
  9. Yeah, and used books and used cars really cut into book and car retail sales.
  10. Editorial practice and the White House.
  11. Liberal/Conservative dialog in academia … how not to do it right.

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