Fiiinally. Sorry about that.

  1. Talk about Gitmo.
  2. An office pool to steer clear of.
  3. Faith and children.
  4. A blogiversary of note noted.
  5. The Marxist/Leninist left not impressed by the man in the white house.
  6. An odd moral.
  7. 20 below? Wow. Oh, cold weather and cycling links here. Years ago I took a 50 minute ride to work when it was 2 (F). The coldest I’ve ever been on a bike was riding home from work, I thought it was 26 and was dressed for that. It was 12 with a 30+ mph headwind. That was cold.
  8. Cartoonist of the Holy Mountain imagined.
  9. Five suggestions for the right on immigration … from the right.
  10. Nobody take it seriously as a legal argument from the left.
  11. A book noted.
  12. Lego does it right.
  13. Bad for women? Probably bad for kids and men too. Geesh.
  14. On the other hand … Incest + polygamy is the big unshakeable loophole around the inheritance tax. 
  15. More on that here.
  16. Wealth and not-wealth.
  17. Wooohooo. Books books books.

OK then. Carry on.

  1. Sound.

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