Ann had an interesting meme post which I noticed today, the “Ann Rice” meme. This meme asks us to:

  1. Name 3 things that really annoy you about church in general.
  2. Name 3 reasons why you stay.

So, without further ado: here’s my list.


  1. When Christians make references to “those sinners” with a tacit assumption that “they” are not us. That is having the hubris to make the claim that there are groups and categories more sinful in the sight of the Lord than any group that includes me.
  2. That the “the road is narrow and the path is steep” doesn’t mean that there isn’t more than one road. It means that the getting there is difficult.
  3. How often we fail to treat other Christians as our brother and to love those who hate us.

Things Keeping me there:

  1. The Creator created, the tomb was empty, and the Spirit descended.
  2. Those times in which we succeed to treat Christians as our brother and to love those who hate us.
  3. The stories and writings of those who it seems before us did manage well to trod that narrow path.
I might add that I’d encourage other contributors to continue this meme in their own posts, …. and those in the comments to link or add their own 3 by 3.

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