Most of you will probably say, "Huh?" to that, but if you’re a blogger, it’s a potentially big deal.  Blogrolling, the largest site for managing links for use in blogrolls (i.e. our list of links on the left sidebar) is shutting down as of November 1st.  For those bloggers not noticing this, it’ll mean some rather empty blog lists in a few weeks unless you deal with it now.  It’s going to be a lot of link copying and pasting, as the Blogrolling service has no ‘export’ feature.

The links here will be looking different as I work on converting to another method of displaying them.  Also, the Church Directory blogroll run by Joe Carter will be gone at that time, too, and I don’t think there’ll be a replacement.  At least, there’s no discussion about that as far as I can Google.

Just an FYI from one blogger to another.

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