Good morning.

  1. Seeing as climatology depends crucially on computer aided story telling … alas the left these days seems firmly convinced the answer is theology.
  2. A closet left.
  3. An odd statement by Mr Obama noted.
  4. A ban lifted in name only is still a ban.
  5. Democracy and Israel.
  6. Verse and the Coptic Queen.
  7. Medicinal cabinetry spotted.
  8. Questioning the use of the word “culmination.” 
  9. US manufacturing trends.
  10. “Greatest” art work? Really … but more to the point it is great and the comment may be apropos. I wonder how he feels about Muzak. 
  11. In praise of allegory and mythopoetic fiction.
  12. Praise for Ms Rand.
  13. I think the poster is looking for outrage as a response to Mr Scalia’s words, but I find them quite reasonable.
  14. Faint praise for Mr Obama.
  15. A career to not seek.

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