Good morning.

  1. Pick 10, what would be in your list of ten? 
  2. No no no no. Schools are accountable to parents, not the other way around.
  3. “Obama doesn’t seem to stand for anything in particular” … doesn’t that define “pragmatism” as your overarching political meme?
  4. Marijuana and energy.
  5. A consequence of avoiding detention and denial … “just kill ’em” becomes the only alternative. Ooops. Or was that intentional?
  6. More on that here (for you North-East Coasters, something to fill your time with on the weekend).
  7. Evil and the fairy tale.
  8. More on the Minsk bombing.
  9. Islam (moderate), reform or PR?
  10. What’s your graph look like? Mine’s not a bell curve. Or if you insist, the mean is at 0.
  11. Honesty and taxes … a correlation examined.
  12. Exactly! Heh.
  13. Wealth distributions.
  14. Surprised to agree with Mr Paul.

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