Good day.

  1. Cassandra was right.
  2. Double? But, hey, I hear all those “responsible” Democrats don’t want to cut spending after all. What does that word “responsible” mean anyhow?
  3. Unexpected. Surprised. Why do we keep hearing this term from our economic so-called experts. Does snake oil ring a bell?
  4. Decisively put.
  5. Short eyes?
  6. A trillion?
  7. Looking forward to that Turing-ish test.
  8. The future of photo-journalism?
  9. Here’s your local not-very-scary Tea Party. (HT)
  10. Gay rights victory in Wisconsin. Although I’d think it’s mostly a women’s rights thing.
  11. Speaking of gay rights, … is all the liberal wagging about gay rights just about this dog?

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