Good morning.

  1. The whole “there are no no good faith arguments for X” is … what logical fallacy? Because it certainly smells like one.
  2. I’d like to see a rational liberal response to this question (more here). I suppose the counter question might be, why is it wrong to bring a gang of people with vuvuzelas to an Obama rally?
  3. This is not unrelated.
  4. Diabolical (?) treatment of Christians.
  5. Something of a role reversal indeed.
  6. Will things flip in Afghanistan?
  7. Hoooonk.
  8. Absent a public very prominent apology from the White House, Mr Obama is an ass.
  9. Verse, for Holy Week.
  10. Dreams of the urban cyclist … with a lady in a red dress?
  11. Someone wonders whence the personal and business debt? Check interest rates, I’d think.
  12. So, would you recommend this or something in 9mm (like the 92FS)?
  13. Catholic epsicopal scandals noted.
  14. Baikonur and space.
  15. Some philosophy.
  16. And … a history lesson.

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