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  1. A person who thinks the President is not such a Constitutional law expert after all.
  2. Ohhh. rhetoric with guns. Speaking of which.
  3. That pesky muliplier.
  4. Pen and sword … is the pen mighter because it can sign checks … or does the checkbook fit in the sword category?
  5. A really good piece on the Wisconsin thing, which unsurprisingly indicts the media for their astoundingly poor coverage.
  6. More Wisconsin coverage here.
  7. More rank stupidity in the government.
  8. I think those are backronyms
  9. Against the “diversity rational” for affirimative action.
  10. Talking liberal/conservatives and academia.
  11. The Pentacoltal Christian couple in-the-news regarding homosexuality and foster children in the UK (photo).
  12. Mr Krugman, professional idiot? Hello? The country is larger than the Boston/New York/Philadelphia/DC metro area … use your economic “smarts” to consider the economic feasibility of rail and say … any given medium to small city in the MidWest, South or West. Pretend you realize that rail feasibility hinges on population density just a little bit. 
  13. Looking at the choices of “experts” on CNN panels. And “they” say FOXNews is biased. Pot meet kettle.

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