We watched "The Passion of The Christ" with the kids again this year. I always tell people this movie is hard to watch for 3 reasons.

  1. Having to read subtitles the whole way through.
  2. All the gore and violence.
  3. Realizing that all the gore and violence was because of us and for us.

It also brings up some conversation topics as well, e.g. do we blame Jews for "killing Christ"?

(Oh, no, we don’t, any more than we blame Italians because Romans physically nailed Him to the cross. And though my sins were the reason He had to die, He also said that He lays down His life and take it up again. No one takes it from Him. So who killed Christ? Christ did, of His own accord and will, because He loves us.)

So, what do you think of that movie? What thoughts does it evoke or what conversations does it get started for you?

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