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  1. Russia and the EU. Speaking of Russia, a favorite film over there (and btw, I like it too … and the Japanese original).
  2. Pictures from Moscow.
  3. Economics parry and thrust. Point, parry, riposte. I thought the parry lacked any real substance, and mostly relied on insults. Odd that.
  4. Prop 8 and Judge Walker, is the last paragraph’s argument valid or not? Why?
  5. A measure of ideology.
  6. OK. The left likes to dismiss Consitutionality claims regarding the individual mandate as without merit. So …. read this and tell me why they are as you claim, “without merit.”  (HT: Volokh)
  7. One suggestion why the SEALS were given the kill directive when encountering Mr bin Laden.
  8. A Christian responds to the event.
  9. Best beer ad ever
  10. Probe B and relativity tests.
  11. Inflation and indexes.

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