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  • An analogy, think of supermarkets run like schools. Sounds horrible, yes? OK. So why is schooling any different, eh?
  • An odd shaped microscope, with an interesting take on lens. Kinda fly-eye like.
  • So. They say Mr Obama is smart. …. So how does a smart man suggest something like this? Hmm?
  • Somebody else doesn’t think torture “works.” Riddle me this, batman. In WWII and the Philippines (Marcos regime) when a person in one resistance cell was captured and was going to be tortured. Why did the rest of the cell all have to move, get to new location/cover, and basically run like hell? Hmmm? If torture didn’t work … then nothing useful would come of it and you could just stay where you were. And let me point out for the crowd that thinks that “thinking torture works” means we should do it (or that I’m advocating its use). That doesn’t follow.
  • Portal and the DIY crowd.
  • Here are some “hopey/changey” suggestions for the CIA and Petraeus.
  • Real dogs of war.
  • Being a journalist in Belorus.
  • More liberal rhetoric and the deflation of the violence “mainly” on the right meme.
  • A book suggested.
  • A pessimistic view of Pakistani affairs, read the last link there (3 conjectures) too.

Well, I survived the week (from a cycling perspective). I’d really backslid for some time now (4-6 months) as far as riding. I was down to about 1-2 hours a week (yikes) + an hour in the gym doing weights. This week, not including the weekend, I’ve done an hour in the gym + 4 on the bike … and hope to get two more in. It’s a start.

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