It seems these two holidays make the Left nervous. Of the half dozen left-leaning blogs I read none seem to manage to actually unabashedly come out and say they love their country. Instead we are greeted by various apologetic nuanced finely crafted arguments how we can be (highly) critical of our country and still love it. Or even how the absence of criticism is a sign of a lack of love, if the left leaning author is feeling testy.

It seems to me, if I had a friend, who on every Valentines day and anniversary for his wife announced (quite spontaneously) to his friends and other around who don’t even really know him that his constant criticism, backbiting, and quarreling with his wife and her ideas, her looks, and her acquaintences was a sign of his affection. Well, after a while, not noticing any real displays of affection, one might wonder if where his true feelings lay.

Just saying. It seems to me if you can’t craft a love letter to your wife on her birthday or anniversary sans critique or correction … then I’d wonder about your relationship.

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