Good morning.

  1. Considering loopholes, and a rejoinder to comments.
  2. Mr Cain and the boys room.
  3. Class and OWS.
  4. On that topic
  5. Rare is the Democrat that will admit to that I figger.
  6. Libraries and patrons.
  7. Available for kindle SVS Press titles.
  8. Cinema to watch out for (or if you’re in the NY area … to watch).
  9. Socket maps.
  10. Math (science?) publishing. One might consider voting and government in a similar framework (that is to pose the two enumerated questions on journals transposed to electoral processes).
  11. Three posts on 7 billion humans … herehere and here.
  12. Troops staffing levels and drawdown(s).
  13. Heh.
  14. Our welfare state.

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