Good morning.

  1. Petaflops ten and an electric bill.
  2. Ben Franklin as Scripture still hanging on.
  3. That liberal echo chamber explicitly demonstrated.
  4. So is it green to have built in short longevity?
  5. Executive and Legislative branches.
  6. Romney tackles the third rail.
  7. Aussie higher ed as a model?
  8. Action movie sans any action.
  9. A new way to look at fear and trembling, if you don’t have the faith equal to that of Abraham then you’re an atheist.
  10. Science/Engineering education.
  11. Mr Obama’s Iraq legacy.
  12. Grand strategy: an essay. (HT).
  13. Two years down the road, finally a response to stimulus and Mr Bastiat.
  14. OWS and the Scouting Jamboree.

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