Good morning.

  1. Wind and the photograph. Blaarrrrgggh.
  2. Our government, standing firmly against free trade.
  3. “Strategy needs enemies” … uhm, a strategy is a broad plan and a goal. I think enemies are not required for either.
  4. The problem isn’t that Hobbes and Locke lead to unfortunate conclusions, it’s that their premises were wrong (read some Bertrand de Jouvenel … try On Power as a starter).
  5. Born in Kenya … why the lie?
  6. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (and yes a few weeks ago, we watched The Shining for our Family Movie Night). This week we watched Say Anything.
  7. Economics and the cloud.
  8. Horses asses in space.
  9. Kierkegaard on confession. Oh, and Brandon has links too!
  10. The war on poverty.
  11. Flaunting IQ.
  12. A $64 fine?
  13. Another book to read.
  14. And one more.

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