1. A book about strength and forgiveness in Rwanda noted.
  2. Violence in Sri Lanka, warning video is unedited and violent.
  3. Toward a better small engine.
  4. OODA and the healthcare debate.
  5. A SCOTUS decision to note for those who use computers.
  6. Cool astrophysics.
  7. Economics and healthcare … disincentives noted.
  8. Earth and solar radiation and a transistor analogy.
  9. Retirement and savings and Singapore.
  10. Eugenics and the Administration.
  11. Brandon has links … (I thought the one on genius very much worth your time … and that was just one of many).
  12. Market and Russia.
  13. A film reviewed, 12.
  14. Another film, Surrogates.
  15. Guantanamo and Estonia.

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