Good morning. Traveling West tonight, for the first of (hopefully) a two week startup straddling the Thanksgiving week.

  1. A suggested blog title found here which is sure to amuse Ms Minerva.
  2. Vroooom.
  3. Oddly, religion not specified. Was it or was it not relevant?
  4. Zippo in the persons per mile per gallon metric.
  5. Two rules for the pack attack.
  6. Just 10? Huh, that’s the tip of the iceberg.
  7. Da Vinci meets … American marketing genius.
  8. Normally that’s 2nd term stupidity … does Mr Obama feel like a one termer?
  9. So, immersed in the west should it be called the Advent fast? or not?
  10. I like batch.
  11. Likability?
  12. Some OWS supporters push the meme that the gatherings are very law abiding. Really?

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