Good, well, afternoon.

  1. If you tie salary to actual performance, surprise … actual performance begins to track salary. Or perhaps the surprise is how it doesn’t track as well as it might even now.
  2. Another book noted.
  3. One more.
  4. Marcus Aurelius growing in popularity?
  5. An appreciative word for the NyTimes?
  6. An appreciable part of the 1% and how their protest might look.
  7. Economists bicker.
  8. Another economist, so … do you agree or not?
  9. I’m not really on board with Mr Martin’s corpus of fiction, but GURPS … on that we’ll agree. GURPS was the way to go (back in my RPG playing days).
  10. The EU and the growth solution.
  11. What they say and what they do.
  12. Hello! And this is not unrelated.
  13. So … what’s next? Othello? I think the “Othello syndrome” is likely more often seen in our public arena, i.e., a guy moving to take out an opponent at the cost of his own career.

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