Good morning. Well, I mean to get an essay out last night, but the family watched the 1967 movie “Bedazzled” instead. Links?

  1. Having fun at the Summer palace (I think that’s where they are) in winter.
  2. And while we’re considering the East … how about a life remembered.
  3. If not child labor at least they needs some actual responsibilities.
  4. There was at least one person who rose to the occasion in that tragedy.
  5. Climate change of a different sort.
  6. Tax the wealthy, a discussion here and here.
  7. History re-enacted and/or rebuilt.
  8. So … do you think the President traces his family values to the military? More here. Kinda reminds me of the Habermas/Ratzinger debate.
  9. Neurons not in your head.
  10. When?

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