Always be wary of customer reviews at online shopping sites
Especially if customers are being offered bribes for 5 star ratings. From the NY Times,

In the brutal world of online commerce, where a competing product is just a click away, retailers need all the juice they can get to close a sale.

Some exalt themselves by anonymously posting their own laudatory reviews. Now there is an even simpler approach: offering a refund to customers in exchange for a write-up.


They said “refurbished”, not “wiped clean”
From Engadget,

Usually, when passwords and personal information are exposed, it’s because someone hacked a company’s not-so-secure system. Motorola, however, managed to put people’s info at risk without such malfeasance when it failed to wipe the memory of a batch of refurbished Xooms.


Tattoos – What happens when/if you grow up?
Or, like the popular philosopher Jimmy Buffet, tattoos are “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.”


Christians making bad art


If “truth trumps everything”, then does truth also trump faith?
From Revelation Movement,

In November 2011, I visited two classes at a Christian university in North America. I asked both: “How many of you would still believe Christianity if you found out tomorrow that Christianity was not true. That is: God never became a man; Jesus did not die for our sin; or, that he did not rise from the dead?”

Twelve hands went up in each class of about 25 and 45 students. These sincere and devout students had grown up in Christian homes, gone to church all their lives and studied in Christian schools. Some had been in that Christian university for three years! They respected their elders who taught them that Christianity was all about faith with little concern for truth.

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