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  1. letter posted.
  2. The fluidity of language.
  3. Mr Roberts reluctance.
  4. Much to lose means having much in the first place.
  5. Visiting other places and rites.
  6. Talking tough, sort of.
  7. Who is “really Black” or really Native American, or White, or whatever … the problems with the left’s race identity politics. Someday, we’ll judge people by the content of their character … but before the left can let go of their racism, they have to admit that their racial identity crap is racist.
  8. Grrrr.
  9. Civilization ending? Yikes.
  10. Betting on ignorance.
  11. Now there’s a question that displays lack of self-examination. “Where’s the atheist fiction.” Hello? That describes most fiction, almost all science fiction and probably 98%+ of regular fiction. Look at the NYTimes best seller lists for the last year. Name three books in which religion and theology factor in a meaningfull way. I’ll wait. Name a mainstream science fiction book written in the last 20 years in which any character is religious, in most of them religion doesn’t even exist and/or is never mentioned. How about thrillers?
  12. Pedagogy.
  13. Look at the places you can go if your premise if false. I suspect a true statement would be that the motives behind charity are varied and that there is not one.
  14. St. Patrick.

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