OK. I’m back (and as usual, relatively horrible).

  1. Need rest?
  2. The Norwegian shooter got 20 some years … in the US you (can) get life for somewhat less.
  3. Talking about TDKR (I saw it Monday prior to our flight with my daughters). And no, the science doesn’t check out, reactors don’t suddenly become bombs and no realistic battery works 4 months and predictably dies on schedule. More on similar discussions here.
  4. ABC defends Mr Obama remarks. Either Mr Obama can’t count (“that” is singular, the two possible antecedents “your business” and “roads and bridges” … only one is singular which gives us “your business” as the only grammatically correct antecedent.).
  5. Fact checking religion reporting for ya.
  6. A charity question.
  7. Flags and national photoshop.
  8. How about “because ‘pragmatism’ is more akin to a tactic than an actual strategy”.
  9. So, is the hostility expressed by academia toward the business world found here?
  10. Here you find religion and academia examined.
  11. Speaking of academia … Seems to me, our education system is part of this problem.
  12. Flat tire?
  13. The thought that came to me seeing this was “cat’s pajamas”.
  14. Yes, we “know” there’s no voter fraud, just like we know the sports drug problem is in Pro cycling not in US sports. Odd that the problems are found where there testing is tight and not where it isn’t. As long as we don’t look and have no tools to look, clearly there’s no fraud. And this “no problems” claim comes for a guy who got a degree in the city where the dead voted (and probably still do).
  15. Toughest decision? In hindsight maybe. Back then, not so much. Look at the context of Okinawa, Tokyo fire-bombing, and the rest of the garden variety horrors of WWII.
  16. 3-d printers step aside. Think small.
  17. How to look really really stupid in a discussion. Query for the anti-gun lobby … cite me one instance were anyone was in a discussion with gun supporters and were threatened with a firearm of any sort.
  18. Apparently, “likable” is an adjective describing screen presence, for by all accounts both Mr Obama and Mr Romney are very likable face-to-face. In fact, almost all politicians are, it’s a job requirement. However, that’s not really what likable means, but we all knew that, right?
  19. Syria.
  20. And we’ll finish with a great discussion topic.

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