Good morning

  1. Internal trauma and new tech.
  2. Asia arms.
  3. Internet faith/non-faith arguments and some issues seen from one side.
  4. Realpolitikand the President.
  5. Climate and re-distribution for whatever reason.
  6. More ghastly nonsense from the UN.
  7. I’d be guessing your average feminist is allergic to this kind of discussion.
  8. Conversion.
  9. Consistency.
  10. New government intrusions into healthcare.
  11. Well, to be honest … they are both acts of war and assassinations.
  12. Freedom of speech in Europe.
  13. Gosh … I guess that’s the same reason that no profession at all is reliably transmitted by film and TV or that the great majority of the founding/important men/women of any field are ignored, e.g., Emmy Noether. So, the question isn’t why Mr Douglass is ignored, but why should historical figures be an exception?

Gotta run. Have a good one.

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