Good, well, whatever.

  1. Peter principle in practice.
  2. Baby Bunting Boo-boo. My view is that the Son will judge and he will judge rightly, which is enough for me. How he will judge? Dunno.
  3. My faith teaches the Christian life is summed up in the goal of acquisition of the Holy Spirit … how that figures into this little phrase … I don’t know. Which is your first clue that it is heading in the wrong direction.
  4. Geeky game for girls (and boys).
  5. Making equines to elephants has nothing to do with these two notions of equality and opportunity.
  6. Race.
  7. Failure.
  8. demographic question.
  9. Putting global warming in historical context.
  10. film.
  11. Fast.
  12. Markets in everything.
  13. Geometry and the bulb.
  14. Heh.

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