I think we’re going to be doing evening links posts this week. I’m leaving early in the morning each day to beat traffic to get from South of Chicago to North of Chicago to a job site.


  1. Hard to amend, a bug or a feature. I’m leaning toward feature.
  2. Well, that counters conventional wisdom I think.
  3. Gun ownership and demographic opinion movement noted. So were you once “anti-gun” (or are now) and why did you soften your views (or have youfelt any notion to soften your views)?
  4. Of unions and markets.
  5. Geometry and 19th century land reform.
  6. Another way to “hide the decline”
  7. If you don’t think moral trumps legal, that’s just one more thing you’ve got wrong.
  8. On decency and public standards. Should public standards have scare quotes?
  9. Speaking of scare quotes.
  10. On the return from the depths.
  11. So … do you agree? Will Mr Obama blink?

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